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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Escapism: Cure for Stress?

Escape- this is the word I always admire & do, when things going rough on my side. I always want to escape whenever I'm tired, stress & depress. I always make an alibi or bad habit just to escape. Just like how CP3(Cris Paul) escaping from his guard doing the crossover or an athlete doing his move to escape from his opponent  I think everyone of us do their own escaping on how things came to them or how a prisoner will make a tactics on how to escape from a prison jail, there's so many reason why? Sometimes we need to escape from reality to find some answers, we do things like travel, bar hoping, etc., & sometimes I look to things that are very refreshing to eyes to escape myself from burden & boredom. Blogging is one way to escape from my reality, I can do things & refresh the things that happen on me from the past.
"Life is just like a thousands puzzle that so hard to arrange"


  1. Escape is the thing the "sheeple" love the most.

    To be able to know what's the real problem is seeking the root cause of the problem. I think you overwork your ass off to oblivion. Of course, you are delusional and greedy like everyone do.

    Of course, you will deny it at first. But let me tell you, are you on debt??? 95% of the Pinoy sheep borrow. And i would say yah are all delusional!! Thats the price you have to pay for borrowing. YOUR LIFE!! A slave life full of stress and strife!! Look now the Phillipines is in debt causing inflation(the highest in 2 years 4.6% increase)that means Pinoys have printed(borrowed) so much money its value pummels down.

    Go reflect on your own life!! Quit your fake-job and work. ALBEIT MACH FREI!

  2. Sometimes we need to escape from reality to find some answers, we do things like travel, bar hoping, etc., & sometimes I look to things that are very refreshing to eyes to escape myself from burden & boredom.

    What would a retired(old faggot)have??? TIME!!

    For KWISE sake dude. All of those are real. And its not recreation or something. Your job is a fake one. It is a cubicle where you watch the clock to tick until 5pm. Let me tell you again like i always write on my blog. How many hours is real work on a office?? 2 hours a day period!! Then its clock watching time until you choke on your own demise. Quit your job and work!! Be the PIMP(BOSS) instead of the HOE(slave). But i guess yah are all afraid to looooose yarrrrrrr joooobbbbbssss. NO FOOOOOODDDD ON THE PLAAAAATTTEEEE.

    But i guess its too late. Yah, sink on debt, thats why. A house loan, a college plan loan, a car loan. Ya will pay it dearly with your life.

    You will die, and wish on your death bed.

    " I wish i did all the things I like the most"

    And everything of it needs time. Money doesnt buy LIFE. Time do!!


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