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Saturday, June 4, 2011

214782 experience

A 2 free ticket movie screening by NUFFNANG
*Abstract Experienced* 
The last time I have watch a movie in a theater was last 2005 & that was our first date with my wife. I just selected by nuffnang for the 2 free ticket but I ask my friend to accompany me to watched X-MEN First Class. The movie was good & the experienced was great. Because that was my first time that I joined that crowd of bloggers. I came from Batangas (first time ulit lumabas ng lungga) going to Makati to experienced what it's like to be in that event. First I hesitate to goto Makati because of some reasons maybe I'm not feel comfortable with the other blogger or out of place but I choose to go for the experience & for the Movie but the main reason is to meet new bloggers & get some idea then I met this guy named chinchan lakwatsesro & gave a business card for exchange link then as the experienced goes by there are some freebies Ice Cream from Selecta  but that time my friend hasn't arrive at Greenbelt then a minutes gone by he came then told me that it is true that you have a  2 free ticket. 

*Movie Plot*
The title of this blog is 214782, for me this is one of the highlight of this movie this is the code that was tattooed at the arm of magneto. Stories is very interesting but I could say you have to watched it by yourself because if someone read this it's not very interesting for the movie goer. 
Movie Rating: 9
Effects : 9
Twist of Story : 9.1
Thats All!

Hey magneto the neXt time you will face at the movie, hope to see a great movie from X-MEN

By the way I would like to thank nuffnang Ph & Hapee for this experienced...


  1. I didn't read the plot, di ko pa kasi napapanood. :D

  2. di na ako sumali sa nuffnang kasi baka kasi mahassle lang ako sa pagkuha ticket. saka nalalayuan na ako sa greenbelt.

    oks ang xmen. napanood ko na at nasiyahan.

  3. oh, nice to hear u got the chance to meet my good friend Chinchan Lakwatsero.. btw, thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. @Bino
    @Angel yup nsa likod ko kc xa sa pila ng selecta 1 1st tym ko nga nkamet ng blogger tnx for him giving the business card!

    tnx sa pg coment!


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