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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Txtm8 became Hauzm8

       E2 na uso sa panahon ngayon makikipagtxmate ka tpos makikipag meet pag nainlove nagiging housemate. Marame me kilala na ganito naging sitwasyon, at 1 ako sa nkaexperience n2 nasimula sa text, ligawan kuno at e2 un trend kung wala kang celphone di ka kagad magkakajowa(but not all the time) cellphone at this time is so important. My mga sitwasyon pa nga na pag nagmeet un boy & girl sumasama na kgad un girl in the end preggy so kelanagn ulit ng housemate. ganito na ka high tech at kabilis panliligaw ngaun thru technology loves can get easy, but not all the time! there are some instances na pakipot un girl or di type un guy, merun nman magaling dumiskarte un guy thru text pero tsope naman pag anjan na. 

Tyagong Bagsik meets Kakang Gloria

This is just an imaginary situation that I invented, characters don't exist it just tells that nowadays cellphone is too important for a busy person or a "tambay", sa mga texters na mhilig mkipagtx at kung minsan SOP p, hehe pero ganun tlga di maiiwasan or kung minsan kusang dumarating. 

Tyagong Bagsik was one of the addict texter's nowadays, when he saw a girl he just want to her instantly the number of that girl to a be a text-mate or get banged with this girl. He really loves girls especially those babavabroom. When he had a text-mate even though its a 100kms away from here home he doesn't care he will meet this girl for an eyeball.

Kakang Gloria a sun subscriber who loves to seduce men even though   shes  "talikodgenic" (looks beautiful when looking her back), she really loves to talk to a men through cellphone then try seduce her with his seductive voice.

This two represent some of the cellphone user nowadays one day morning Tyagong Bagsik saw on his cellphone that there was a miscall then he became curious & think that this was another prospect he replied asap then the replied my name is Gloria, then they exchange text all day, Tyago make his moved while Gloria her seductive text that made tyago feel hot on her text, That night they make an SOP that was full of delirious romance, seductive, hotter & sinner even though it's was just a text, the next day they plan to meet up somewhere in highlands(tagaytay), Tyago wears red shirt while Gloria wears an spaghetti & her cleavage was a little up high to be more seductive, then these two meet up. Tyago was so arouse that time he don't care what was the looks of her eyeball he just want to babavabroom while Gloria was a bit shy because of Tyago's aggressiveness, because of tyago's aggresion they check in a motel, then the next things happen was arrrr, errrhh, wurrr,,, wooohhhhh,,,, perspiration came out ooooohhhhh came out from sides of the room, room service holds on the wall     he felt like there was an earth-wake, then the next scenario is silence then few minutes gone by backtrack again & again until both was exhausted & chill. That was the last time that thing happen, months ago tyago was hunting again for another babavabroom but he was terrified when he went home that Gloria together with his family was there, preggy, then he look on it he realize how ugly this woman is, the one he slept one time. Then talk follow the only thing that tyago can do is to shake his head & asked his selff why? 
Now this is the story of Txtm8 became hauzm8, hope to enjoy this non sentimental story,,, hehe

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